Mental health nurse jobs in Australia

As a mental health nurse, your invaluable support and expertise can make a world of difference to vulnerable patients in need of strategic and attentive care. At Pulse Australia, your skills and experiences are highly valued. We’re proud to facilitate access to the best mental health nurse jobs nationwide.

Our mental health nursing opportunities at Pulse

Whether you’re a highly experienced mental health nurse ready for a new challenge or you’re a recent graduate at the beginning of your career, Pulse Australia is a trusted source of support for your employment journey.

We offer a wide range of mental health nurse jobs that span from temporary positions to permanent placements. With a dedicated team committed to your career success, we provide exclusive access to a wide range of the nation’s best mental health nursing job opportunities, empowering you to find a position that aligns with your personal and professional goals and objectives.

What do I need to become a mental health nurse with Pulse?

While previous experience in mental health nursing is beneficial, our connections facilitate mental health nursing jobs for all experience levels. All RNs must have a valid Nursing registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Agency in order to work with patients within a clinical setting.

We’re also always looking for mental health nurses who are qualified and certified as a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse through the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

Benefits of working as a mental health nurse with us

At Pulse Australia, we’re proud to offer the following benefits (and more!)...

  • Competitive remuneration: Your hard work and expertise is recognised with compensation that’s in line with the best the market has to offer.
  • Unique and exclusive job openings: Find mental health nurse jobs that aren’t available anywhere else as a result of Pulse’s nationwide partnerships.
  • First-class support: With a committed team that’s ready to offer the crucial support you need, right when you need it, you’ll be taken care of at every step of your employment journey.
  • Tools for voluntary upskilling: Increase your employability and skills with our top-tier voluntary training programs.
  • Easy online portal: Submit timesheets, access your payslips and review your employment history with access to our easy online portal.
  • Support for travel and accommodation needs: Moving across the country for your next opportunity? Our team can assist with travel and accommodation solutions.
  • Jobs in remote and rural areas: Find a new adventure across Australia with our range of mental health nurse jobs.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our steadfast commitment to the highest level of customer service is part of what sets our team apart.

Ready to take the next step in your mental health nursing career? Register as a candidate or request a call back today and discover the opportunities available to you.