Emergency nurse jobs in Australia

At Pulse Australia, you’ll find a dedicated team of specialists with access to exclusive emergency and urgent care nurse jobs across Australia.

Emergency and urgent care nurses are critical players in Australia’s healthcare system. Whether you’re in the midst of a bustling emergency department or providing life-saving support in urgent care centres, your skills, experience and unique capacity deserve access to a robust array of job opportunities.

Explore various emergency and urgent care nursing roles

Offering roles in metro city centres, regional hospitals and remote locations, Pulse Australia provides access to a range of emergency and urgent care nurse jobs that can meet your unique career aspirations.

Whether you’re a veteran of the emergency department or you’re a recent graduate seeking your first emergency department challenge, Pulse’s expertise and exclusive access can help you find the perfect role for the next step in your career.

What do I need to become an emergency nurse with Pulse?

We welcome emergency nurses of all experience levels at Pulse. Our candidates typically hold bachelor’s degrees and may have additional training, with all RNs required to have a current Nursing Registration with the Australian Health Practitioners Agency (APRA) in order to practice.

With emergency nurses facing many job-specific responsibilities, candidates who can demonstrate critical thinking, proactivity, time management and strong communication skills will excel in their field.


Why emergency nurses join Pulse

We believe no two candidates should have the same experience when it comes to seeking the perfect job as an emergency nurse or urgent care nurse.

At Pulse Australia, we’re proud to offer the following benefits (and more!)...

  • Rewarding pay rate packages: Have your skills and experiences recognised with market-leading compensation rates.
  • Exclusive access to employment opportunities: Our diverse range of emergency and urgent care nurse jobs are exclusive to Pulse Australia as a result of our nationwide partnerships.
  • Dedicated and reliable assistance: Put our employment specialists to work with timely and personalised support at every step of the application process.
  • Simplified compliance and registration: Our user-friendly compliance and registration processes reduce the stress that can arise when transitioning from one job to the next.
  • Career development opportunities: Our voluntary training programs are industry-leading, giving you the choice to increase your employability.
  • Travel and accommodation support: You’re not alone in the details if you need to move to take up your new emergency and urgent care nurse job. Our team can assist you with the practical requirements needed for a smooth transition.
  • Distant, rural and remote opportunities: Start a new adventure in your career with comprehensive employment opportunities that span Australia.
  • Outstanding customer service: Committed to providing exceptional customer service experiences in all that we do, you’ll experience the Pulse Australia difference in our team’s support.

 Ready to take the next step in your emergency nursing career? Register as a candidate or request a call back today and we’ll provide you with integral support so that you can secure the perfect job opportunity.