ICU, HDU and critical care nurse jobs in Australia

Your expertise and passion for providing intensive care within challenging circumstances is part of what makes you extraordinary in your field. At Pulse Australia, your unique skills and experiences are highly valued. Operating in Australia for over 20 years, our dedicated team will help you to achieve your career ambitions with access to the best ICU, HDU and CCU nurse jobs across the country.

Discover agency and permanent ICU nurse jobs with us

Whether you’re looking for ICU agency nurse jobs, ICU locum jobs or CCU nurse jobs, we’re your trusted partner in your career journey. Our broad range of job roles span temporary positions through to permanent placements, and the expertise of our team will help you to find your perfect fit.

In our HDU nurse jobs, you’ll work in high dependency units, delivering critical care for patients who require intensive observation and treatment. For those interested in CCU nurse jobs or ICU nurse jobs, your responsibilities will contribute to patient outcomes in critical care units, providing vital assistance to critically ill patients to ensure they receive the highest level of medical attention.

Why choose ICU, HDU and critical care nursing jobs

At Pulse Australia, our intensive care jobs span diverse areas, from intensive care units (ICU) to high dependency units (HDU) through to critical care units (CCU). We’ll connect you with opportunities to put your skills to work and achieve your next career objectives.

These roles offer…

  1. Variety: Find a position that meets your individual needs, whether in an ICU agency nurse job or HDU nursing role.
  2. Competitive compensation: Pulse Australia’s wide network of trusted partners means you can find a role that’s competitively compensated for your expertise, experience and location.
  3. Ongoing skill development opportunities: With intensive care nurse jobs requiring a unique set of skills, you’ll discover numerous opportunities for ongoing professional growth and development.

H2: Benefits of working as an ICU, HDU and CCU nurse with Pulse

At Pulse Australia, we’re proud to offer the following benefits (and more!)...

  • Competitive pay rates: We ensure your dedication and expertise are recognised with market-leading compensation.
  • Exclusive access to employment opportunities: We provide exclusive access to a myriad of ICU, HDU and CCU nurse jobs that aren’t available via any other healthcare staffing solutions provider.
  • World-class support: With our dedicated team at your disposal, we’re equipped to provide crucial support when you need it most.
  • Streamlined registration and compliance processes: We ensure a smooth, hassle-free registration and compliance process, reducing the stress that’s common to job transitions.
  • Access to high-quality voluntary training: Expand your skills and employability with our professional development resources, offering top-tier voluntary training programs.
  • Secure online access: Effortlessly submit timesheets and enjoy secure online access to your payslips and work history.
  • Travel and accommodation support: If applicable, we offer direct assistance in arranging travel and accommodation requirements for your new employment opportunity.
  • Remote, rural and regional working opportunities: Find your new adventure across Australia with our nationwide ICU, HDU and CCU nurse job opportunities.
  • Exceptional customer service: Experience the Pulse Australia difference with our dedicated commitment to the highest quality of customer experience.

Ready to take the next step in your nursing career? Register as a candidate or request a call back today. Let’s make a difference in Australian healthcare together.